Margaret Thatcher at the Express, 1978
Daily     Drone
Margaret Thatcher visited the Daily Express on 27th April 1978 when she was still leader of the Opposition. She became Prime Minister the following year. Pictured in the foreground are, from left: Derek Jameson, editor; Ricky McNeill, night editor; and Lloyd Turner, deputy night editor. Sub-editors in the background are, from left, Joe Neal, Douglas Mann, Geoff Compton (partly obscured by Jameson), Alastair McIntyre, unidentified editorial assistant (in glasses), Brian Izzard, Bill Montgomery (behind Thatcher's head) and Nigel Lilburn (leaning back) and John Brooks
In this picture are, from left: Ricky McNeill, Geoff Compton (late chief sub), Alastair McIntyre, Roger Watkins (chief sub), Barry Keenan, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Montgomery, David Laws, Lloyd Turner (in striped shirt) and Ted Keeling. Roger Watkins recalls that Geoff Compton received a bollocking from Mrs Thatcher for throwing paper on 
the floor. If the eye does not deceive there appears to be some litter, including a fag packet, at Mrs Thatcher's feet